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Elizabeth from Otuatahi, New Zealand, creates statement portraits exploring shapes and colours.  I feel privileged to be surrounded by natural beauty that inspires my work every day. My paintings aim to capture the ever-changing colors and shapes found in our country’s unique landscapes. Whether it is the vibrant feathers of our native birds or the mesmerizing patterns of the sky and ocean, my  paintings celebrate the beauty that surrounds us. I hope my work gives you a minute to pause and appreciate the world around us.


As an artist, I find inspiration everywhere. Recently, I have been focusing on the native birds of Aotearoa, creating pieces that capture their beauty and elegance. My paintings aim to convey the idea that these birds are not simply a part of our world, but that we are privileged to exist in theirs. Every brush stroke is thoughtfully placed, with the intention of creating a masterpiece that is both meaningful and beautiful.


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