Elizabeth Rosa, based in Christchurch New Zealand, creates bold artwork portraying the beauty found in the natural environment of Aotearoa. Elizabeth has  a masters degree in engineering from the University of Canterbury, but has built her art practice in Otautahi, Christchurch over the last four years, after returning from overseas. 

Elizabeths work portrays the abundance of colour and light that found in our native fauna and flora.  


Her recent work has focused on the native birds of Aotearoa. Although the birdlife can look muted, there is always an abundance of colour when captured in the right light. Elizabeth aims to give personality and attitude to the birds by depicting them in a way that makes the life of the bird central to the scene. Her paintings portray a sense of regality in the painting - the native Fauna of New Zealand do not exist in our world, we exist in theirs.


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