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Elizabeth Rosa is an artist based in Otautahi who works in acrylic and oil paint. Drawing inspiration from the wildlife and landscapes in Aotearoa, her work captures a moment in time, a second of stillness before you can imagine nature pulling the scene into its next iteration. Whether the subject be our native birds or the captivating sky and ocean, Elizabeth’s work aims to give you a minute to appreciate the ever changing beauty of the country we live in. 


Colour is always a focus for Elizabeth, using bright colours to draw the viewer into the scene. Although the birdlife can look muted in New Zealand there is always an abundance of colour when captured in the right light. Elizabeth’s paintings aim to emphasize that striking colour in her paintings, and show the captivating rainbow on display.

Although Elizabeth’s pieces focus on one subject, they represent a much larger topic. The artwork is meant to be both a source of wonder and a reflection of the changes in the beauty of nature. It is about appreciating what we have and understanding the impermanence of it all.

Her recent work has focused on the native birds of Aotearoa. Although the birdlife can look muted, there is always an abundance of colour when captured in the right light. Elizabeth aims to give personality and attitude to the birds by depicting them in a way that makes the life of the bird central to the scene. Her paintings portray a sense of regality in the painting - the native Fauna of New Zealand do not exist in our world, we exist in theirs.

2. Elizabeth Rosa - Sunrise Mini Series.jpg
3. Elizabeth Rosa -  Azure 1MB.jpg

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